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Guards at the Taj Steppenwolf Theatre June 13
You Can’t Take It With You Austin Gardens June 21
Maxwell Street Market Maxwell Street Market July 01
Do you enjoy chomping on a fresh churro while sifting through weathered tools, ball caps, and odds and ends? Of course you do.
Chicago Underground Comedy Beat Kitchen August 26
A benchmark for local stand-up comics takes the form of a slot at Chicago Underground Comedy—a weekly, curated showcase with the occasional former Chicagoan headlining. Think T.J. Miller, Hannibal Buress, Cameron Esposito, or John Mulaney.
Felt iO Theater August 13 1
This adult-oriented improvised puppet show by the Atticus Finch ensemble suggests bitter, rejected prototypes of Elmo, Chewbacca, McGruff the Crime Dog, and Crank Yankers/Muppets characters ganging up in a dark alley off Sesame Street. The performers display sophisticated physical control as they wield the puppets from behind the curtains of a bi-level ministage. »
20,000 Leagues Under the Seas Lookingglass Theatre Company June 06
Tempel Lipizzans Tempel Farms June 19
Uptown Poetry Slam Green Mill July 10
Featuring open mike, special guests, and end-of-the-night competition.
No Men, Lumps, Pylons Empty Bottle July 24
David Parr's Cabinet of Curiosities Chicago Magic Lounge July 04
Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno Second City E.T.C. January 12
In the weeks and now days leading up to the inauguration, it seems like the jokes about Trump and the current state of our political climate are basically writing themselves. Between rumors of golden showers and the president-elect's meeting with Steve Harvey, it sometimes feels as if we're all living in one long political sketch. »
Hamlet Gift Theatre Company June 14
The Winner . . . of Our Discontent Second City December 04
The Second City is nothing if not responsive. I mean, really: Nothing. »
Caleb Willitz Cafe Mustache July 25
Super Human iO Theater August 28 2
Five women storm the stage. Over the loudspeaker Philadelphia-bred rapper Khia sings of her neck and her back and two specific parts of her nether regions while the ladies hump the air and pound the walls—one even does a handstand. »

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