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Chicago Underground Comedy Beat Kitchen August 26
A benchmark for local stand-up comics takes the form of a slot at Chicago Underground Comedy—a weekly, curated showcase with the occasional former Chicagoan headlining. Think T.J. Miller, Hannibal Buress, Cameron Esposito, or John Mulaney.
Frankenstein Theater Wit October 24
Neverland Prop Thtr November 08 1
Riff iO Theater, The Mission Theater June 08
Monobody, Mother Evergreen, Twin Talk Lincoln Hall November 17
Daughters, Jaye Jayle, Ganser Beat Kitchen November 17
Cursive, Meat Wave, Campdogzz Thalia Hall November 15
Wet Cash Dark Tower Comics July 28
Stand-up with a very big twist. Each week, performers at this showcase can do anything they want. »
Casa Propia Aguijón Theater October 26
Yowler, Mia Joy, Sorespot Empty Bottle November 18
David Parr's Cabinet of Curiosities Chicago Magic Lounge July 04
Spirits to Enforce Berry Memorial United Methodist Church November 08
Oh Hell Yeah iO Theater, The Mission Theater June 22
The Scientific Method Rivendell Theatre November 08

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