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Randolph Street Market Randolph and Washington January 24
This vintage market is actually home to many markets, including the Chicago Antique Market and the Indie Designer Market. There’s also food and a record fair. »
Goodbye to Language 3-D Gene Siskel Film Center January 22
Jean-Luc Godard's latest experimental essay film finally made it to Chicago in all its head-scratching 3-D glory. Reader film critic Ben Sachs gave it a glowing review: "Language is spectacular as well as cerebral, employing 3-D in ways I've never seen before."
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Auditorium Theatre January 27
Neil DeGrasse Tyson made astrophysics cool again with his Cosmos reboot, and tonight he's in town to spread some scientific knowledge in person.
Omakase Dinner Series Ramen-San January 28
This installment of Ramen-San's dinner series focuses on roast duck and Japanese whiskey. Chef Doug Psaltis prepares a five-course menu with whiskey pairings available (from a 12-year to a 17-year) for an additional $40-$80.
Haley Fohr, who moved to Chicago from Bloomington, Indiana, in 2011, really caught my ear with her fourth full-length, 2013’s Overdue. It’s a beautiful, dark-toned record of what some might call psychedelic folk but I would call a sort of modern-acoustic art song. »
The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery Water Tower Place June 16
Like many of us, Ted Geisel felt unfulfilled by his day job. Does it matter that, as Dr. Seuss, Geisel produced some of the world's most beloved picture books and introduced generations of children to the pleasures of reading? »
In 1958, polymath Bryon Gysin had an epiphany while riding a bus at sunset, when the stroboscopic effect of sunlight hitting his closed eyelids triggered a trance state and psychedelic visions. To duplicate that effect, he and engineer Ian Somerville devised the Dreamachine, a rotating tube with a light inside. »
Memphis Portage Theater January 25
Willis Earl Beal may hail from Chicago, but tonight you can see him in Memphis, Tim Sutton's indie drama that stars Beal as a wandering blues musician stuck in an existential funk. Beal introduces the screening; after the movie, he performs live.
The story behind Sandro Miller's new photo exhibit, "Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich," which opens this weekend at the Catherine Edelman Gallery, begins 17 years ago when Miller first met John Malkovich at the Steppenwolf Theatre, where Malkovich, a founding member of the company, was appearing in The Libertine and Miller was taking promotional photos. The two hit it off. »
Sox vs Cubs: The Chicago Civil Wars Harold Washington Library Center October 25
An exhibit featuring memorabilia, photographs, and stats.
Onion City Festival Gene Siskel Film Center January 28
The opening night of the Chicago Filmmakers's film festival features nine short experimental works including the visual collage The Hummingbird Wars, the tribute to avant-garde sound performer Tracie Morris Broken Tongue, and an homage to the cinematographer Busby Berkeley, Tribute to Busby.
3033 iO Theater July 14
A comedy supergroup consisting mainly of former members of People of Earth, 3033 creates some of the liveliest, most consistently solid improv around. Unlike most troupes at iO, 3033 doesn't stick with the Harold improv format. »
Whammies Green Mill January 30
The Whammies began in early 2012 as a low-key one-off project meant to dip into the vast repertoire of the deeply original soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy. However, over the last couple of years the trans-Atlantic sextet has transformed itself into a seriously intuitive working band—even if it only convenes a couple of times a year. »
The Kates Book Cellar August 01
Stories, monologues, and more by this all-female comedy troupe and recent Best of Chicago winners.
Podcast Therapy Hideout January 25
Believe it or not, Serial isn't the only podcast out there. The Third Coast International Audio Festival is here to walk you through the large audio world and create the perfect podcast playlist for you. »
H.M.S. Pinafore Den Theatre November 28
When is an adaptation no longer an adaptation but a whole new work? This question came to me as I was experiencing the Hypocrites' latest production, described in the program as an adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan's 1878 classic H.M.S. Pinafore and presented in repertory with remounts of The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance. »
Toulouse-Lautrec Prints: Art at the Edges of Modernity Northwestern University Block Museum of Art January 13
Northwestern undergrads curated this exhibit featuring the work of the painter and printmaker. The collection of 18 of the French master's lithographic works depict Paris in the 1800s.
Body Doubles Museum of Contemporary Art October 25
An exhibition highlighting the different ways in which artists explore the relationship between body and identity.
I Shit You Not! Logan May 02
Local comedians and monologists share personal stories of inadvertent defecation. Michael Sanchez and Monte LeMonte host.
Lincoln Lodge Subterranean December 19
For close to 15 years, one of Chicago's best comedy clubs wasn't even in a club. It was in the back of the Lincoln Restaurant, a modest diner in North Center where the Lincoln Lodge, the successful indie stand-up and variety show, set up shop. »
Fackbuddies Den Theatre September 27
Longtime Chicago improviser Dina Facklis's new training program Chicago Improv Den is a tricky souffle either on the verge of rising or deflating. Facklis, an ImprovOlympic alum, started the Den last March, partly to create a troupe with an especially sharp focus on ensemble and emotional exploration and partly because, unlike iO and Second City, where students have to wait in order to perform, she sees training and performance as going hand in hand. »

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